6 Ways How To Beat The Sea Sickness

6 Ways How To Beat The Sea Sickness


Sea Sick pills are always available , it works for some people but when the pills effects is over . I think here if goes again.


Feel the Wave under feet and move your body left and right according to he movement of wave. Yield to the wave movement, do not fight it.


Dance with the music ,come on a least start by moving a toe.

Have a Real good Poison

Have lotta of Champagne or Whiskey fast. When you start to see your world spinning . It does not really matter isn’t it?


Some works on meditation because once you get use to the motion it will a piece of cake.

Be the captain

Once you gain control of the boat you may switch the focus in controlling the boat. Of course you need to go through professional training , get your license to do so . Next , ask for permission if the boat do not belongs to you. We don’t want to offend any one ……especially onboard.

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