Discuss Disgust

Discuss Disgust

Hi, hello. How are you?

Why am I starting this question at the start of the article?

Isn’t it in our culture to politely start a conversation that way when you are talking to someone?

Recently I watched a video about a vegetarian who was trying to point out why we eat meat. Why we eat chicken, beef, mutton, fish and seafood, yet we won’t eat dog meat, while others do. Yes, there are people in other countries who do that. There are also people from countries who eat things that we would just find disgusting. Yet to others, wouldn’t our century egg or durian be disgusting to them.

The vegetarian pointed out that it is our cultural upbringing that makes us open to eating certain things and disgusted from eating certain things. So he said we should all become vegetarians and be disgusted of eating meat. He described the painful and torturous process the animals go through before ending up on our dinner plate. He asked us to imagine our pet dog or cat going through the process to end up on our dinner plate. We wouldn’t be able to stomach that now would we?

Do you also want to know something more disgusting? There has been recent research to create GENETIC MEAT. Yes, you read that. Some of you know or heard about it. Hey look it up on Google. Surprised? I read about it after hearing about it from a friend. That was a month before coming across the vegetarian video.

Oh I also do know that we are destroying the environment by having so many farm animals all over the world. Over reliance on farm animals are killing our ozone layer and forest.

Then what about our health? A vegetarian diet is actually good for your health. Eating meat actually damages your body to a certain extent. My blood type which is A positive actually benefits from a vegetarian diet as most meats are harmful to my blood type.

So am I still eating meat? Why yes I am. Am I not disgusted knowing all these things and still eating meat? Yes, sometimes I am disgusted. Now why am I still eating meat?

Firstly, finding vegetarian food is not easy. There are no vegetarian stores near to where I am staying and working. I don’t have a lot of time to buy and prepare to cook my own vegetarian food. Nice vegetarian food seems more expensive than some nice meaty grub.

Then there are not a lot of nice vegetarian food stores that I know off. Sometimes, my mouth gets tired of eating vegetarian food. Vegetables, fruits and roots are not on my list of favourite foods.

Lastly, how fast can we change everyone to no longer eat meats? How many people change their diet because of knowing all this? Not many, right?

So till then, vegetarian, I’m sorry that you are disgusted. Have a nice day.

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